Look at this pic….!  Su-u-u-ure, that’s guy’s just doin’ his job…. like heeee’s not inhaling or nothin’…..!

There was a solemn flag ceremony, salutes and speeches, and a drum and bugle corps played while lines of soldiers, like ants, passed along the marijuana bundles and tossed them into the giant pile.

Lolol! Du-u-u-ude! I’m NOT smokin’ and I’m laughing up a storm…..!! (Non-contact high…?) So – let’s do the math….

134 tons x 2000 = 268,000 POUNDS.

max of 50 lbs. each bundle if they actually TOSSED ’em into the fire….

268,000/50 = 5360 bundles.

Can you imagine hoisting Five Thousand 50 lb. sacks….. while standing next to the Biggest Bong IN THE WORLD…..?

On second thought…. DON’T.


But…. a commenter did:

Most of the soldiers were treated for smoke inhalation and given lots of cookies and milk. All seem to be doing better as you can tell from the smiles on their faces.

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