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From On High comments on a columnist’s thought that the American public won’t vote for another,

legislator of negligible experience—with a voting record, as state and U.S. senator, consisting largely of “present,” and an election platform based on glowing promises of transcendence. A platform vowing, unforgettably, to restore us—a country lost to arrogance and crimes against humanity—to a place of respect in the world. “

by basically saying, “We fell for it before”:

The Obama that has disillusioned so many of his supporters of late is no different from the Obama who led them to believe that he was larger than life two short years ago. They just couldn’t see through the hype broadcast by him, his campaign, and his news media. To me, the American people are shocked to find the person in charge is the person many of of us knew he was all along. And if they can be that easily duped once (or twice – remember all that crap the mainstream press threw out there not that long ago about “the man from Hope”?), they can be led down the path again.

Two thoughts:

We saw the same mass collective action of the Press when Bill Clinton was elected. I, for one, remember being shocked! to read the glowing accounts of Bill’s charisma from previously dedicated and independent reporters. It was remarked at the time how unusual was Clinton’s winning over of the Press. It was the first time in my life I noticed the Fourth Estate’s complete disregard for professional ethics in covering a candidate for office with absolutely no regard for political issues, and it made me very uneasy.

It’s about time that the American Press be included in the ranks of the Ruling/Political Class. While these classes are often mentioned, it is always presumed that the Press is outside of that sphere. Yet here are two major elections heavily influenced by the Press, yet NOT in a factual way. Americans were not swayed by politicians’ positions on the issues, or even any discussion of issues. The MSM colluded (much in the same way modern universities collude to liberalize their students) to get these politicians elected, and any discussion of the ruling Elite in America must recognize the Press’ pivotal role.

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