How American Christians Vote…..

Take a look at this graph…:

Catholic/Protestants are about 75% of the total vote! (As reported by CNN) They split about 60-40 for Republicans this time…..

Perhaps last election these were the folks who thought they should disown their White Guilt by voting for the well-spoken black guy…….! ‘Cause, you know, that would be the Christian thing to do…..!

Consider, also, the 8+20 % of “Others + None” broke hard – about 70/30 – for Democrats…. how likely is it that they are the die-hard Progressives…..?

Lastly, few Protestants dilute their vote by choosing Independent (or Rent Is Too Damn High…!) candidates. Four times as many Catholics, and about ELEVEN times as many Other/Nones prefer to vote on principle instead…..

What I get from this is while the mainstream churches are losing parishioners by the second, those disillusioned people are not leaving Christianity – they’re still identifying as Christians. They’re either looking for a church that supports their conservative views (unlike the mainstream denominations) or they have found one.

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