No Flying the Flag in U.S. of A. !!!

Here is another story from California about a kid and the American flag after “complaints” from some “kids”. Dare we say Hispanic kids? Well, that was the origin of the complainants in the last “don’t fly the flag in California schools” case.

Sure, eventually the district appears to have backed down, but commenters note the Superintendent’s name is Hispanic….! How many of this school’s administrators are also Hispanic? Can’t tell – the school’s website has been down since this hit the national scene.

Y’see, how this goes is, these recently-across-the-border kids think that anyone who wants California to be part of the U.S. is raaaacist! against Mexicans. So they complain about every trace of American patriotism. Anyway, after the first don’t-fly-the -flag brouhaha, I figure I’ll just let the locals deal with the details…

Commenters have discovered that this school ranks somewhere below middle in California school achievement… apparently Californians are slow learners!

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