Creep!… Creep!…

In New Jersey, a woman applied for a job as a Corrections Officer! Then, when she got the job, she demanded to wear her head covering of choice- a Khimar. [This is essentially a poncho that covers the head, leaves the face open, and goes to the waist.] When denied, she got the Federal Gov’t to SUE the county!!!!

A settlement was reached – she got $25,000. The county has that ridiculous training to go through:  “…has adopted a religious accommodation policy and will train employees regarding religious discrimination”.

BUT – she didn’t get her job back.The case didn’t go to trial – the county settled, probably to save two things: a whole lotta money paid to lawyers, and the right to NOT re-hire this woman!

So tell me – how does a prison guard function with a large piece of cloth around her head, that basically says “strangle me!”…?

Story from Atlas, a local blog, or the local paper.

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