If it Looks like a…..

A commenter on Hot Air made the following points:

Point 1 – the millenium bomber had a legal travel document. he was caught because that border agent lady in washington state thought he looked like a terrorist. and he was caught and didnt blowup half of LA

Point 2 – operation bojinka (kill the pope, blow up 10 planes, bomb the cia with a blane) would have worked like clockwork (they even did a dry run with bombs). but upon a fire in their apartment, a filipina policewoman thought they looked like terrorists, so she said “screw the warrant” and opened their laptop, finding detailed plans and stopping a terror plot

Point 3 – the 911 hijackers had legal documents and had ok ID’s and had all their papers in order. the final gate agent at boston logan for the mohammad atta plane famously said the afternoon of 911 that “when i took their ticket at their gate my first thought was “THESE GUYS LOOK JUST LIKE MUSLIM TERRORISTS’ “, until he told himself how racist that was and did nothing.

Point is, we should do a simple test. LOOK AT THE PEOPLE…

While I agree with the point – PROFILE!!! – I did not know all of these anecdotal facts… Interesting!

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