So, Obamacare was supposed to ‘fix’ health care forever, right….?

While we are well aware of how crappy Obamacare is, here is a new aspect.

Would you believe that…  some of the most ardent supporters of health care reform [are getting WAIVERS from the Obamacare requirements]?

Unions like the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), the United Federation of Teachers, and the Transport Workers Union have all applied for and been granted waivers from the rules.… According to the New York Times, one hundred and eleven waivers have been granted to employers to allow them to avoid the new health insurance mandates. [McDonald’s famously applied for and received a waiver because the O-care requirements would have bankrupted their employee health-care program, causing 30.000 burger-flippers to lose coverage.]

So – when Unions were screaming about how great and necessary Obamacare was, was it because they hadn’t read the bill and did not know what was in it……?

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