Heh. Funny Story…

San Diego: a local muslim gets a phone call from Somalia – from an al Shabaab leader who says to him, “We have no money for bullets to shoot the enemy.”
Local dude goes to his local imam…. they decide to work things out.

At one point, the imam told Moalin [local dude], “There are many men who are saying ‘we will give contribution now.'”

A third guy helps; even helps to send the $ to Somalia, ’cause he works at one of those money-wire ‘stores’.

The government claims Doreh [third guy] helped send the money through Shidaal Express, a local money transfer business where he worked. Prosecutors say he even waived bank fees. [‘Cause it was charitable, doncha know….]

And a local woman is accused of providing “money & personnel” [!!!] to al Shabaab. Cash – uh, yeah. “Personnel” – that’s PEOPLE! She sent people to Somalia? Could be….


Even though dozens of pages of the intercepts and other evidence against the four have been made public, local Somalis aren’t buying the government’s case….

Well, of course the locals refuse to believe that these people are guilty. It’s all a government plot….!

The imam’s defense attorney Mahir Sherif says the government is criminalizing all Muslims.

“I think Islamic giving, because that’s part of the religion, has given difficulties to the government because they don’t know how to deal with this,” Sherif said. “‘How can we stop Muslims from giving money? Because we really can’t attack their religion directly because that would blow up in our face.’

Did he REALLY use those words….? Hmmm….. he must be an unusually honest Somali….!

“And I think these are politically motivated cases because really the government I don’t think wants Muslims to give.”

Okay, I’ll just say it…. Lolololol!!!…..

There are more jokes available involving “eating bullets” and such – I’ll let you go find them. Enjoy!  : )

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