Finally Heading in the Right Direction?

This is a nice synopsis (from the WSJ, courtesy From On High) on three recent improvements in national policies, and the impact they may have.

There may still be bumps in the road – the DREAM Act, the START Treaty, The Child Nutrition Act For The Feeding Of Crackheads’ Babies (aw, c’mon! Who ELSE needs to eat DINNER at school, except the children of people who WON’T feed their own kids? This is just another way to avoid foster care for kids whose parents whine, “But I looooove my kids! I just can’t feed ’em!” ) funding, and who knows what else they’ve come up with that I’ve forgotten – but in each case there is still a chance to have a positive effect.

Update: Bump in the road – DADT passed. Good news? DREAM defeated! – so far. Senate could only get 55 votes, not the 60 needed. House has already passed it.

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