Newsflash! Hamas Official Tells The Truth!

How to make a liar tell the truth? Accuse him of something worse.

Israel has long contended that the Gaza initiative resulted in few civilian deaths, and that civilians were not targeted. Others (Muslims & their misguided supporters) have whined that eeevul Israel tried to kill as many civilians as possible.

The Israel Defense Force put the total number of known combatants killed at 709 and the number of known civilian deaths at 295, with 162 (mostly men of fighting age) “unknown.”

And then then muslim animals start to eat their own:

In the aftermath of the war, Hamas has come under considerable criticism from rival terrorist groups for not doing enough to defend Gaza and for allowing so many civilian casualties. So, in a recent interview with a London paper, Al-Hayat, Fathi Hamad, Hamas’ Interior Minister, responded to these criticisms as follows:

“It has been said that the people were harmed by the war, but is Hamas not part of the people? It is a fact that on the first day of the war Israel struck police headquarters and killed 250 members of Hamas and the various factions, in addition to the 200-300 operatives from the [Izz al-Din] al-Qassam Brigades. In addition, 150 security personnel were killed, and the rest were from people.

Okay, the bizarre reference to “people” (as opposed to…. what? camels? goats? automobiles? He only says, “harmed by the war”…) aside, let’s take a look at the infamous Goldstone report that condemned Israel for the supposed murderous spree against civilians:

Because it uncritically accepted the original Hamas claims of very few combatant deaths, the Goldstone Report was able to reach its flawed conclusion that the purpose of the operation must have been to kill civilians, not combatants.

Now that the truth has been admitted by the Hamas leadership—that as many as 700 combatants were, in fact, killed—the Goldstone Commission is obliged to reconsider its false conclusion and correct its deeply flawed report.

Now taking bets on the cold day on which THAT will happen……..

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