Be Proud, be…. religious?

In a newspaper article in Tennessee, the state’s (muslim) president of the Tennessee Federation of Business and Professional Women is interviewed. She says very little of substance, but included is this typical jewel:

“The most important thing whether it’s religion or culture is you have to teach the kids to know who they are, to be proud of who they are and the reason they are doing something,” Suara said. “Faith is a one-on-one relationship with God, it is not what’s on the outside.”

This is a woman who walks around Tennessee with her head swathed in a cloth, so it appears that what’s on the outside is important to her.

“Be Proud”?! Sounds like an ad for the Marines, not for a religion. Religions generally teach the value of humility. Christianity and Judaism are big on it, to the point of advising against pride. But I frequently read muslims recommending muslim pride.

And additionally, throughout the article she constantly references Christianity to describe Islam.

Suara, who wears a Muslim head scarf, said she does not look down on Muslim women who decide not to. It’s a matter of choice, she said.”We have a joke that if I am covered and I’m oppressed, then a nun is oppressed too,” Suara said.

There are verses in the Bible that are not positive, and it depends on how you read it and what you take out of it,” she said. “(The problem is) when you pull things out of context and interpret them anyway you want.”

So here: Describe your beliefs without using mine to do it! Stop trying to make me believe you’re just like me. You’re not. I know it; you know it… no one wants to hear your lies. No one wants to hear you use me to justify yourself.

So stop it. It’s just….. stupid.

And rude.

And evil. So – stop it. Now.

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