Biased or Unbiased?

Politico (hahahaha!)… Politifact (ditto).  All the self-congratulatory MSM outlets….. All make themselves out to be unbiased. That should equate to objective, but notice how most of them never use that word anymore?

Back in the ’70’s, journalists “realized” that there is no “true” objectivity – everything said by everyone is “filtered” through their own point of view.

Yes, the quotes are because these folks took words that we thought we all understood, and used them in a particular coded way that essentially erased their meaning. “True” became slang for “in my opinion”. Such as “truth is now seen to be relative – there is no Absolute Truth”.

Well, then it’s opinion, not truth.

[Now, if  “truth” no longer exists, then “true” is a false construction… Therefore there can be no true anything, much less “true objectivity”.]

But let’s not spoil the fun of the Liberal/Progressives….!

If there is no objectivity, even science isn’t truly objective.

Can anyone say Anthropomorphic Global Warming/Climate Change/whatever new phrase they come up with when that one is sufficiently debunked?

These mainstream liberals believe they are just as critical of the Democrat administration as they are of Republicans. For example, they will point to their criticism of the President: “His approval numbers have dropped a percentage point!”

Criticizing Republicans? “Everything they do and think is wrong, and evil, and racist, and ruining America!” (Just insert “Rush Limbaugh” or “George Bush” if you think I’m exaggerating.)

Clearly, the Lib/Progeressive position is that nothing is true if Conservatives believe it; but everything the Lib/Prog.s say IS true. Which is why I won’t read anything published, printed, said, or implied by these closet leftist sources.

Oh, yes: and I will mock them incessantly for their continual abandonment of objectivity and truth.

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