Got Food?

OMG. This goes so far past “it doesn’t make sense” that it has entered the realm of ridiculous black humor.

The Global Food Crisis. Really? Let’s let The Telegraph tell it.

So, Russia lost a quarter of last year’s harvest. They’re being a little careful with what they have left – including next year’s harvest. So…. Mozambique is rioting for lack (or expense) of food? Let’s take a look at Mozambique’s problem:

A few countries – Russia, the U.S., Australia, maybe France – grow so much food that they are always looking for other countries to sell it to. This helps keep their farmers in business, and provides a bit of a cushion for those years when the harvest is less than stellar. Other countries appreciate the drop in food prices afforded by the plentiful food. But then, these countries – like Mozambique…..

Use this prosperity to improve their countries, educating their populaces and creating infrastructure to bring them into the, oh, sixteenth or seventeenth centuries? (Let’s not get overambitious and think they will just jump into the twentieth, let alone the 21st century.) Or….

Take a two-fold approach, whereby the elites get very (relatively) rich through controlling the sale of the food, and the average person…..

Has. More. Babies. To feed.

Hey, as long a there’s lots of food…..?

But then, when the overflow of food dries up (Gotta love those natural cycles – feast/famine, rain/drought/natural disasters….) those of us who had been helping to create this overflow of food are SOMEHOW RESPONSIBLE for the RIOTS IN MOZAMBIQUE?!?!?!?!?

No. Nope. Not.

Take your guilt-inducing blather and spread it where it belongs: in Mozambique.  And in all the other third-world minded countries who don’t have an ounce of sense in their heads, even when they are well-fed.

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