Same Sh!t… New Year.

Yes, they always said Bill Clinton was the first black president. Yet when he was trashed in the midterm elections, he saw the light, caved on all his Democrat dreams, and became the father of welfare reform.

Now the Bo Dizzle will declare his separation from the Clinton legacy in his SOTU speech. Rumor has it the he will push for MORE SPENDING to ‘fix’ the economy.



I mean, REALLY?!?!?!?

Reminding ourselves of the Definition of Stupidity: doing the same thing over & over, expecting a different result.

Is he purposely defining his presidency in this way…..? “And now, class, we’ll cover the 44th Administration – ‘The Presidency of Stupidity’.”

Well, he’s acting on the premise that selling out on Liberal principles is a bad thing….. and sticking to them despite all evidence to the contrary is a good thing… Hmmmm…..

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