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Two tidbits on immigration:

The French President, Sarkozy, is the latest to say that multiculturalism has failed. And he does so in many specific and amusing words…! He joins a long list of leaders of the free world who essentially say the same thing: Merkel in Germany, Britain’s David Cameron, Australia’s Howard, and Spain’s former premier Jose Maria Aznar.

And next:

Mexico is finally about to implement an asylum law. They’ve never had one before, which meant that all those more South-ern Americans who wanted to move to a better place needed to keep moving through Mexico, especially with Mexico’s draconian laws regarding illegal immigrants (“shoot on sight”!)

This new law will have two effects: since people can now apply for asylum in Mexico, there’s no longer any need for them to wait until they get to the U.S. to apply. There would be a legitimate reason for the U.S. to turn them back at the border, since asylum rules dictate that if a person is truly fleeing oppression, they must apply for asylum at the first possible country they come to. They are not allowed to pass through a country simply because they don’t like it.

The second effect is the chilling of the migration “pipeline” from South and Central America to the U.S. When migrants know that they cannot get into the U.S., they have a greater tendency to stay in their home countries. For example, a few years ago, migrants were coming by droves through the U.S. to wait at the Canadian border.

They’d heard it was somewhat easy to get into Canada, and immigration lawyers told illegals all over the country that they had a good chance of getting admitted to Canada; and that if they had made their first appearance at the border, American officials would not deport them while they waited in  local cities for a response form Canadian officials.

Eventually the Canadians grew wise to this game, and tightened up their regulations. With less chance (like, no chance!) of getting admitted into Canada, the migrants stopped coming to these northern cities….. for which most locals were eternally grateful!

So the Mexican asylum law should effectively quell the flow of immigrant hopefuls to the U.S. border. And that is a good thing!

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