And now, Syria

Syria is the latest in a long series of Middle East countries undergoing the public protests which the ruling government feels the need to shut down, at any cost. Ed Morrissey at Hot Air has posted a CNN clip by Anderson Cooper that takes the same old tired viewpoint that the protesters are the “good guys”, and the government is the “bad guys”, based solely on who’s currently shooting. Obama is criticized for responding with a “strongly worded statement”, but it’s quite possible that he’s actually learned from his disastrous foray, meddling in Libya.

Most MidEast countries rely in a strong, autocratic leader because of the population whom they must govern. The culture of those people strongly influences the type of government to which they will respond. Am I tiptoeing around the fact that these countries are Muslim-majority countries? Perhaps.

But a quick look at the MidEast reveals that a Muslim democracy generally leads to an Islamist state. Iran – the “People’s Revolution” ushered in the Ayatollahs and their repressive religious rule. Last year they brutally quashed protests throughout their country – in fact, they do this every few years. Yet there was no response beyond “statements” from the U.S.

Egypt – while a mixed bag of citizens protested the government’s 30-year autocracy, the only group ready to take power is the Muslim Brotherhood. They have taken steps to solidify that stance. Yes, they promise to create a democracy – under the implicit recognition that the 90% of Egyptians who are Muslim will vote for Islamist rule.

Libya – the protesters have been revealed to be allied or infiltrated with Al Qaeda. Obama intervened, but can’t bring himself to fully support the rebels or Kadaffy (yes, that’s my new favorite spelling!) Now the situation has been described as “a morass”, a never-ending bog of unrest & strife that only breeds continual refugees. Good going, Mr. O.!

Yemen has taken strong steps to stop their protests. I’ve been hearing about Bahrain, too. Iraq had the same ‘autocratic rule/protests’ profile before Saddam was removed. Since that time, Iraq has become ruled by sectarian factions – with the biggest loser being their Christian population. They have been reduced by about 60%…. so far. Once they are gone, it’s likely the Kurds will be next…. but they’re part of the “club” right now, so they are also persecuting the Christians in their areas.

In Syria, the President is from a minority Muslim faction. He has been credited with being open and fair towards Syria’s 10% Christian population. Christians have become afraid to leave their houses with the current protests against Assad. Attendance at church for Holy Week has been down about 50%. Yet American media is once again taking a stand in favor of the Muslim viewpoints – that, merely because Assad has been in power for many years (like most MidEast rulers!!) he must be removed. Why wasn’t that stance taken by Western media in Iran?

Yes, that was my point, but I have taken too much time on this Easter morning typing, and so I will end this & go outside & play……

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