The Politics of “Correctness”?

A Christian man in Egypt (pic of the happy pair at the link) tried, three years ago, to change his national ID card’s designation from “Muslim” to “Christian”. He had to file a lawsuit to do this! (It’s very easy to change from “Christian” to “Muslim”, for instance….) He did this because Egypt’s laws are so religiously restrictive, his daughter would also be listed as “Muslim”, and would never be allowed to marry a Christian.

The process was not easy, nor simple, and the small family found it necessary to live on the run (the mom made it to the U.S. sometime ago….), moving from apartment to apartment every month or so (they had each been attacked for the “crime” of wanting to leave Islam…..!) There were a number of court cases filed as the dad pursued his goal, but it eventually became necessary for him to give up on Egypt, and apply to leave the country.

Finally, a court ORDERED the appropriate Ministry to let them leave Egypt. But the Ministry refused! When the January protests weakened the government, this man took the chance and fled the country with his daughter. They went to Syria, because it was relatively easy for them to get there – no waiting in long lines at the Syrian Embassy in Cairo, for instance.

But the recent protests in Syria – Muslims demanding the ouster of the moderate President, Christians in fear of their lives (see post below…) made them try to improve their lot by leaving that country, too. Here is where it gets….. well, revolting:

The U.S. Embassy, rather than opening their arms and saying, “You’re exactly the kind of folks we’ve been looking for!”, stonewalled them. The dad describes it as a “cold shoulder”. But he did not give up in despair. He went to the French Embassy, where they did welcome him, and Dad and daughter are now comfortably ensconced in France.

Happy ending? Not yet. France’s nearly 10% Muslim population is bound to have more than a few who wish to end the lives of father & daughter, for having the effrontery to leave their beloved Islamic religion. So dad has stopped in at the U.S. Embassy in Paris (remember, Mom lives in the U.S.), where he is being given advice and assistance in applying to Finally. Come. Here.

Idiots in this whole story? Aside from every Muslim…. we also nominate the folks in every Middle Eastern U.S. Embassy, who would rather admit any Muslim to the U.S., rather than any actually-persecuted-Christian. This hindrance of Christians has reached epic proportions – in the U.S.A., a place created by Christians who needed a place where they would no longer be persecuted!

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