Because the Economy is in Danger of Recovering!….:

OH, and also: Why the MEDIA are just as guilty of the economic destruction that has taken place in the world….

Bloomberg Businessweek (hat tip: Atlas)has a wonderful article outlining the Admistraton’s new attack on the economy:

At the Justice Dept., a new 20-person unit dedicated to fair lending issues

That’s the popular term for Sub-Prime Mortgages, or Impossible, Unprofitable Lending Decisions

… some lenders are being cited for failing to operate in minority and low-income census tracts near their branches, even when they have never done business there before. “If you put your branches only in upper-income areas, the regulators are not accepting that anymore,” says Warren W. Traiger, a lawyer….

So, they are solidifying their opinion that the crashing of the economy is the Most Important Thing we, as a country, can do. Because it’s… “F A I R”.

Only it’s NOT fair. At All. Not to the banks, not to us poor schmucks trying to keep a job in this crappy economy. not to the deluded poverty-stricken who think that money is a miracle and they can demand it.

So yes – the O. Administration HAS LEARNED NOTHING.

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