Keith/Hakim Ellison/Muhammed in his latest metamorphosis…

Here, the Minnesota Representative  takes on a Republican presidential candidate. The continuing metamorphosis chronicles his journey from his birth state of black American Catholic, to his chosen state of full-blown, sociopathic muslim.

Notice his body language in this clip. Not only has he perfected the islamic Finger (that accusing and commanding point into the air that says, “Listen to me, young whippersnapper – I speak Allah’s words!”… ), but he is studiously working on the islamic Crouch: even though he’s standing, he leans to one side and crouches forward – a pose that imitates a wizened old man, who presumably is bursting forth with incredible Wisdom. But see how he holds his head upright, in a commanding stance. He is giving commands, after all – it’s the islamic Way!

Looks like he’s one step away from wearing that white outfit (jacket, shortened pants, and tiny cap) of professed innocence, in a futile attempt to hide the powerful stench of rot created by islam.

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