Now For Step Two:

The House has passed Cut, Cap & Balance [the budget], and now it’s time for the Senate to act. Unfortunately, they have developed the “Gang of Six” plan, which promises to cut the deficit by $3.7 billion over ten years (that’s about $370 million a year…)

Woo-hoo. When estimates of our present course include a deficit of around 14 trillion, $370 million in a year is…… squat.

The Bo Dizzle supports the plan!

the WSJ:

The reality is that the White House offer on spending reforms was much less than publicly advertised, and by the end it even included $136 billion in new spending proposals over 10 years.

OMG! the man CAN’T STOP spending! I can just picture him in front of the Home Shopping Network channel, leaning forward, nearly salivating as the show turns to “Turquoise Jewelry”, his hand on the phone……

But srsly:

There is a different motivation for this Destroyer Of Economies: his ‘Legacy’.

Often, when a pres. is nearing the end of his time in office, especially for those who are two-termers, the pundits will begin talking about the ‘Legacy’ he will be ‘leaving’ the country.

This meme has become particularly pronounced in the last few decades, what with Reagan saying, “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down that wall.” Jimmy Carter gets credit for bullying the Israelis into accepting a peace deal (with Egypt, which is now very much in doubt, with the newly-freed populace calling for the end of the deal), and Nixon persisted in starting friendly relations with China (“detente”).

There was no “legacy” for George Bush Sr. (unless you count a well-fought war, which some say ended too soon), nor for Clinton (all advancements under his watch were the result of the election – on his watch – of  a Republican-dominated House AND Senate.) Even Bush Jr. only has his Response to 9-11 – a good job, but not exactly a “Legacy”.

But the Bo D. intends to correct the course of history, do what Bill Clinton couldn’t do, and leave Health Care Reform as his enduring Legacy. In all of the negotiations, the one largest spending item is also sacrosanct: Obamacare. This one bill, estimated to raise spending one trillion dollars all on its own, will not be discussed. In fact, it is alluded to in the Gang Of Six plan as helping to cut the deficit!:

The [Gang Of Six] plan would:

Carefully strengthen the solvency of our most important entitlement programs:
● Spend health care dollars more efficiently in order to strengthen Medicare and Medicaid, while maintaining the basic structure of these critical programs.

Maintain investments that encourage economic growth, strengthen the safety net for those who truly need it, and preserve a strong national defense.

(hat tip: From On High)

‘Cause, y’see, O’care spends money more efficiently! [Insert here the tired old saw about how Preventative medical visits save money by detecting diseases so much earlier than irregular visits – never mind the facts of How Much frequent Preventative Visits COST and how infrequently major illnesses are diagnosed…]

Now, to understand the above more…. efficiently, remember that this Administration uses the code word, “Investments” when they mean Spending.

Maintain investments that encourage economic growth,

Spend money on O’care, among other things, and it will help businesses make more money, ’cause we will then have medical care to offer every employee that rivals care in Europe!

strengthen the safety net for those who truly need it,

Uh, ye-aah. More references to O’care, because today’s Illuminati think poor poeple don’t have access to medical care, Medicaid notwithstanding.

But why stop there? Is the Legacy big enough? Does it stop the rise of the seas? Has he moved the sun back three steps?

Democrats introduced legislation Wednesday that would repeal the Defense of Marriage Act, a renewed attack on the 15-year-old law the Obama administration has said it would no longer defend in court from challenges brought on behalf of same-sex couples.

No, his Legacy WILL consist of remaking the ENTIRE AMERICAN SOCIETY!!!! ALL HEIL TEH BO DIZZLE!!!

( * snort!* )

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