How to Kill the Family Farm

You thought it couldn’t be done? People will farm, even if it is a TON of work and doesn’t pay much? Well, from the Administration of Teh Bo Dizzle, we have the newest unelected means of creating economic death.

DOT (Department of Transportation) wants to make all farm vehicles….. CDL. Yes, you would need a Commercial Driver’s License – the type required to drive big rigs (and also dump trucks) – in order to drive any farm equipment, even on private property (like the back forty.)

Congress didn’t do this – we elect them. No, it’s being done by political appointees. And all they have to do is make a new regulation – it will take Congress, passing a law, to stop them.

And then, of course, they can make another regulation, to destroy something else (or the same thing in a different way!), and then Congress will have to create & pass another law. Ad infinitum.

This illustrates why it is so important to elect responsible people to government positions. The DOT appointees are only doing exactly what Teh Bo Dizzle wants. And our only chance to speak out (much less make a change!) is at election time.

BTW – the Agenda 21 talked about in the linked article is the U.N.’s Sustainable Development strategy. This supposed Sustainability has been defined (by its proponents!) as covering all things in Ecology, in Economics, and in Society.

The theory is that you can’t care for the Earth (Ecology) unless you also arrange the Economy to work without the Earth-harming practices; and that won’t happen inless you also arrange Society to not desire the products of the ecologically harmful practices.

I kid you not. Agenda 21 is the Utopian fantasy-creator. People will be arranged to desire the same things that all nutroots desire. They will make it so.

How is one bureaucrat arranging farms, now….?

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