Race Riots.

In WISCONSIN, the State Fair is held just outside of Milwaukee. This area has been troubled recently by mobs of youths of a certain race, rampaging through areas and attacking people, primarily those of other races.

Here is a terrific link to the State Fair story. This is not the first time this has happened. Apparently at the FOURTH OF JULY celebration, similar mob attacks occurred.

The violence is similar to what occurred in Milwaukee’s Riverwest neighborhood over the July 4 holiday, when about 60 young people beat and robbed a smaller group that had been watching fireworks from Kilbourn Reservoir Park. The injured people were white; the attackers were African-American, witnesses said. Another group looted a convenience store.

Some commenters have whined, “This is what happens when there are not enough ACTIVITIES for young people to do…” Ee-yeah…:

This is ONE of the consequences of an Economy that slides along in the gutter for too long. How long is too long? Two+ years is CERTAINLY too long. And with another 1.3 years to go until any real hope (!) will emerge, look for situations like this to be a continuing challenge.

In a decent economy, about half of those rampaging people would generally be employed. And at least half of those left would be selling drugs to their employed friends. So there would be no mobs of people available to run rampant through the streets and State Fair, risking their freedom for the chance to beat on innocent passersby.

Boredom can make strange things look interesting….. But ACTIVITIES will never take the place of EMPLOYMENT. Never. Activities are like a pacifier…. employment is like having your own car. No comparison!

Time to fix the economy: November 2012 – make it happen!

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