Meet Your New Neighbor….!

45 seconds of self-explanatory.

Now, the explanation for the behavior witnessed here is:

That is the man’s natural cultural response towards lesser beings – in his culture, this would describe children and probably both women and the mentally retarded.  And also other men of lesser social stature. This man thinks what he’s doing is normal – this is simply the way to get people to move.

This is echoed by muslim teaching “methods”. In muslim cultures, shouting at people is motivational. In schools, information is shouted at students, and they receive threats to incentivize them to perform better.

In addition, boys are praised, while girls are routinely ridiculed. This leads to the familiar ‘strangled’ sound produced by most muslim-educated girls – even in the U.S. They not only sound extremely self-conscious, they are extremely self-conscious.

Now watch this again, and imagine their classrooms….. scary!

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One Response to Meet Your New Neighbor….!

  1. Fragmeister says:

    I would love to see someone yell at me, or someone around me, like that. I would (politely of course) make them sooooo pissed off that they would Have to swing at me just to “restore their honor”. At which point, I would proceed to (figuratively and literally) take them apart.

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