Now That NYS has Gay “Marriage” legalized….

Here come the NEXT “frontier”…. Normalization of Pedophilia. I bring this up because I remember, back in the ’70’s, when the American Psychiatric Association decided to “normalize” homosexuality – that is, to say that it was within the “normal” range of human behaviors, and not a mental illness.

So, in, say, 40 years, will molesting children be seen as “normal’?

Or, will we have finally found a way to logically end the erosion of human norms by abnormal people who hamstring us with the necessity of fighting a battle of “logic” – using only their rules?

Perhaps we are hamstrung by the psychiatric community, with their need to define traits as “normal” or “mentally ill”. Perhaps we ought to take back the moral high ground from the psychiatrists and psychologists; or at least ask them to define Good and Evil – in terms of their own choosing – before we allow them to set the boundaries for proper behavior in society.

We might ask them their rationale for determining Evil to be essentially “mentally ill”. I would venture a guess that it’s because they refuse to admit the existence of spiritual things, and so have no other causes other than “their brain is somehow broken- physically or emotionally”.

Our dedication to scientific, secular-only logic cripples us in the face of Good and Evil. People who engage in Evil don’t want to be labeled as such, so they come up with every rhetorical device under the sun to make it impossible to condemn them. And we comply with their restrictions under the assumption that if we have the moral high ground, then the justice of our position will shine in any setting.

But that’s where we’re wrong. When Truth is no longer allowed according to the Rules Of Debate, because it’s “relative”, that is, it changes according to who is talking, then truthful statements are no more accurate than lies. Then perversion can be seen as”normal”; and homosexuality can be “normal”, based on the numbers of people afflicted, and the intransigence of their affliction.

Return to Paragraph 2…..!

OR – we can take the next step in human knowledge, and accept that Good and Evil are spiritual qualities, like Love, and Freedom. And being real, these spiritual qualities can be known. Every rule that Jesus gave us regarding spiritual things is true, and can guide us in knowing Truth from lies.

It is far more likely that we will see Paragraph 2 or Paragraph 3 before we acknowledge spiritual things as real. But that acknowledgement can be the strength behind us as we seek to roll back the advance of perversion, and delineate a firm boundary between Good & Evil.

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2 Responses to Now That NYS has Gay “Marriage” legalized….

  1. anonymousfornow says:

    “Normalization”, in this particular instance sounds more like a metaphor for “An Excuse” – as in: we can’t “fix” you, can’t get rid of you, so we’ll make you “normal”. My mental response to such a statement as ‘normalizing pedophilic behavior’ is breath-taking, really. The equality with normalizing general sexual assault is close behind, then, isn’t it? Is there REALLY a push toward this way of thinking? hmmm….colonizing the moon doesn’t sound so bad after all. We’ll need a couple of “bouncers” to keep the “BLs/GLs” out. Sorry, but “normal”, to me, in this context would be someone engaging in relations with a consenting, educated partner…..children don’t seem to fit that bill people!

  2. motherofdoom says:

    Back in the ’70’s it was really not considered possible or probable that being gay would be considered “normal”; the APA’s change of classification was viewed as immaterial by many. But soon the AMA also changed their definitions – why? “Because the APA thinks it should be this way, and they should be the experts…!”. And over the course of the next 40 years, the increasing repetitions of the “gay is normal” mantra have apparently changed enough attitudes in our society that gay marriage can be enacted – if not universally considered normal.
    So – what is next….?

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