Questions On Faith – for Politicians…!

[Wow – I thought I had posted this, but I just found it now – here ya go….]

The NY Crimes has a list of questions they NOW feel would be appropriate to ask candidates for political office. Of course, they COULDN’T ask these questions back in 2008 – Bo might have felt… unsupported!

While there are lots of laughs in this list, Question 3 – obviously designed as a “gotcha” query – provides a basis for answering many of the other questions.

3. (a) Do you agree with those religious leaders who say that America is a “Christian nation” or “Judeo-Christian nation?” (b) What does that mean in  practice?

The answer to a) leads quite easily to satisfying b). “America IS a Christian/Judeo-Christian nation”, meaning that America’s values and laws are derived from the values of Western Civilization – itself founded and driven by Judeo-Christian values.

Throughout most of the decades of America’s existence, these values were not questioned, and were the assumptions underlying American society and the laws and policies enacted in America. These values were so universal in America that it was not considered necessary to write them down, or even to debate them. But now, these Judeo-Christian values – the underpinnings of Western Civilization – need to be captured in words, and written down.

In our current time, there are those who, with loud, persistent voices, question and defy those unspoken values. As a result of being unwritten, these values can be made to appear as an amorphous, undecipherable fog by those who contest them. This aids their attempts to dismantle our laws, because legal challenges are fought in courts, with words. Not merely words, but using a system of logic that places greater emphasis on words than on Right and Wrong.

As an example of the West’s superior system of values, here is a brief quote from the Texas Islam Curriculum:

Muslims distinguish between modernization and Westernization primarily in that Westernization adds equal status for women.

Now, while this comment elucidates the Western values inherent in Modernization, and recognizes an equal status for women, it refuses to acknowledge that Modernization is an entire set of values created by Western Civilization. Modernization did not come about through other cultures – it is a direct product of a Judeo-Christian culture of openness and the value of the individual.

These values need to be protected! And to do that in America, they need to be defended in words that still keep their strength in a court of law.

Wish us luck.

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