Must-See TV

Heh…. I just wanted to say that….!

These are must-see videos. First, one from yesterday, about a rapper who named himself  “Soulja Boy”. Apparently he wrote a typical rap song that included some typically liberal/progressive political sentiments… and real soldiers are pissed. So, go to Michelle Malkin’s site – you can read the text, or just scroll down to the (several!) video responses from actual soldiers. Priceless! And yes – LANGUAGE WARNING! (Like you’d care….  : )

Next, From On High is kicking butt this morning with TWO terrific vids. Now, I know we all know better than to vote for Newt for Prez, but this clip from the Republican debate last night shows why he’s so great anyway.

And then there’s Charlton Heston speaking to the NRA – he speaks slowly (he always has!) but stick to it to the end – it’s well worth it!

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One Response to Must-See TV

  1. Fragmeister says:

    To paragraph 1: He should change his name to Souljas’ Bitch, because he’s about to be dominated (figuratively and possibly literally).

    To the second 2 paragraphs: Awsome!!

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