Bo D.’s “Jobs” Speech Round-up

On my way home, I saw a newspaper that said something like:

Obama’s speech: More Jobs!!

I thought – yeah – More Spending! ……………..  “Stimulus 3.0 Beta”!

Srsly – I didn’t think he would go there. Not after this summer with the raising of the Debt Ceiling….

So imagine my surprise when I get online and do some searching for the contents of his speech, and it turns out that yes, he DID go there. Oh, boy…

A nice synopsis of the speech is encapsulated by Jennifer Rubin at the WaPo (yeah, I find it hard to believe, too….)

First, she gives some details:

Cobble together a mish-mash of old ideas (infrastructure spending, a payroll tax cut) and pay for it later, by asking the debt commission to come up with additional deficit reductions later, preferably by hiking taxes on the rich.

Okay – that doesn’t do it justice. So let’s try:

Cobble together a mish-mash of old ideas (infrastructure spending, a payroll tax cut) and pay for it later!!!!……..,

OMG – just SPEND MORE right off the bat!

by asking the debt commission [the Gang Of Twelve pansies] to come up with additional deficit reductions later…….!!,

and, since the Debt Ceiling thing wasn’t BAD ENOUGH – let’s do it again! No, no: let’s pretend that if we make someone else decide on the cuts, the Bo D. can still SPEND! And don’t do it NOW – just put it off until later; then maybe we won’t have to do it at all (- Magical Thinking 101.)

 preferably by hiking taxes on the rich.

Yes, the favorite Democratic Source of funds. “The Rich” are the Left’s Magical Mushroom [or their Golden Goose, which they will not be satisfied until they kill it.] Because, since the Left is full of people who don’t really work, they think of accumulations of money as occurring magically. And what did the Rich DO to win that Magic….?! Why, nothing…!! So… that’s…. UNFAIR!!! Destroy  Corporate Capitalism!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


A Hot Air Commenter says:

Here’s the photo that sums up the evening.

You can’t buy a camera angle like that.

                                                                           … And he’s right on both counts.


Many sources are emphasizing the Bo’s reliance on a particular phrase, “You should pass this jobs plan right away”, which sounded so….!…. that I didn’t think they were quoting verbatim. Again: my surprise… he not only used that exact phrase, with the authoritarian implications, but he used it 14 times!!!

Here’s the short view, in case you think he actually said it in an unassuming tone… lolol!!!!


Standing ovations? According to Politico – 18. What they DON’T mention is that these were only HALF-standing ovations – only Democrats would stand. Check the link  for 5 of the sentences that prompted the verticality.


Response? Nah. But that caused Pelosi to whine about how that disrespects… Everyone Important….!


Yet Obama’s speech was curiously absent of any mention of one word … energy. That’s right; you could look it up.  There wasn’t one single mention in a speech about jobs and economic stimulation that addressed the need for the energy necessary to support it.


Text of the Speech, plus a WORD CLOUD showing the most used words… lol!

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