Snitch Alert

Okay – this is hysterical!…

Teh Bo Dizzle is busy on his Twitter account:

We’ve launched a new way to track and respond to attacks against President Obama: #AttackWatch. Check it out:

Now, I’ve typed that without the links, and you’ll want to think carefully before you go to that dotcom,  because…

Also note: AttackWatch is using cookies to track visitors and collect info.

Here’s a small sampling of John Q. Public’s response on that feed:

Pssst, #attackwatch , I think someone is trying to subvert the United States by usurping our Constitution! Any suggestions? Ken-ya help me?

Okay – I am sooo lol’d over that one….! And then there’s…

Dear #AttackWatch, I wish to report an attack on @BarackObama. Michelle Obama won’t let him smoke, and God knows he needs one…

Well done, Obama campaign on #AttackWatch trending nationwide… problem is it’s for all the wrong reasons. #wearelaughingatyou

#AttackWatch Just pulled up a youtube video of Dr Jeremiah Wright it was full of hate and spite. Please look into this

Can we say Teh Bo is a real Twit?

UPDATE: An AttackWatch video – oh, DO see!

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