Christ about Tolerance and Acceptance?

A Commenter from who-knows-where (lost in the Mists of Time, but corrected for punctuation):

I am just enough Catholic to be proud of being one but I honestly believe that many people have twisted the word of God to their own end and have strayed from the true meaning. Christ was about tolerance and acceptance but few in the christian world, who want to lead us, who claim to be christians, actually ever show tolerance and acceptance. Just look at the current crop of republicans who breed hate and ignorance and want to force people to follow their way.

Really?!?! “Christ was about love and acceptance”?!?! That’s what you got from the Bible?!?!

Christ was “about” God, and the True Worship of God.

To completely miss that, and focus single-mindedly on Love and Acceptance, is to ignore the Clearing of the Temple, and his harsh words for the leaders of the religious community at that time. It ignores everything he said about the end times, and the separating of the sheep and the goats. It ignores Jesus’ telling people to “judge for yourselves” in the context of being able to judge the weather, but not able to judge the spiritual environment that surrounds them.

This Love and Acceptance mantra is the product of simple-minded fools who do not want to face the realities of Good versus Evil that not only exists in the world, but about which Jesus taught.

This is understandable, though, since Jesus taught in parables because ill-minded people would use his words to attack and deface God. Witness what has occurred with his words as recorded in the Bible: “love and acceptance”, indeed! Why, then, one can make the case to tolerate perversion (or murder), for instance, on the basis of loving the perpetrator, not condemning them in judgement. (See, anyone can do this!) But why, therefore, didn’t Jesus pardon both criminals at the Crucifixion? Because even Jesus was human? (Don’t laugh – I have actually heard this from purported Christians.)

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