Triple Rant With No End

A “Robin of Berkeley” Commenter:

You speak of God. I assume you are a Christian? Therefore you will be aware of Jesus’ views of the ‘den of thieves’. Do you honestly believe that Jesus would approve of this current situation. Did Jesus not tell the story of the good samaritan? Jesus wanted us to look after each other. That is what I believe in. Once upon a time a priest said to me, ‘as long as you follow the commandment ‘Love thy neighbour’ you can do no wrong. This is how I try to live my life. Yes, life is not perfect, but shouldn’t we, as members of a global community, try and make life as easy for each other as possible?

Bullshit Alert! To speak of a global community is to remove all meaning from the word, “community”, from a root word, that means, “common”, that is, sharing something in common, or a common experience.

What do ALL the people of the world share in common? We all breathe air…. we all crap poop. This is NOT enough to speak of “community”. Try, for instance,

A group of people living in the same locality and under the same government.


A group of people having common interests


A group viewed as forming a distinct segment of society

Or how about just:

Sharing, participation, and fellowship.

(All taken from theFreeDictionary)

This “global community” crap is another way to disarm truthful people by changing the meaning of words – you know, words like “truth”, which no longer retain their obvious meanings, but have been redefined to mean exactly what they are Not. “Truth” now means “opinion”, that is, “a truth” as seen from another point of view. “Well, that’s HIS truth!”… “In THEIR culture, that’s what they see as the truth!”, which completely ignores that if truth changes, it’s not truth. It’s Opinion.

Next: this commenter is typical of those Xtians (they follow a simplified delusion; they don’t follow Christ) when they misquote, “Therefore you will be aware of Jesus’ views of the ‘den of thieves’”, as an economics lesson.

Clearing the temple was a religious act that defended the sanctity of God, not an economics lesson! All those who use this example to defend stealing income or possessions from people (as opposed to their giving freely of their possessions) – in the service of redistributing wealth – are trumpeting their ignorance and their status as simplistic fools, serving in the Army Against God.

And finally, there is this little gem, the confession of a mind so simple that they cannot grasp what Jesus said even little children know.

Once upon a time a priest said to me, ‘as long as you follow the commandment ‘Love thy neighbour’ you can do no wrong. This is how I try to live my life.

Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for theirs is the Kingdom of God.” Yet this person refuses to use as much of their brain as a child does, and prefers to rely on the words of another person who told them, “This is what the worship of God is!” : follow the commandment ‘Love thy neighbour’.

Wow. Even Jesus Himself did not shorten the Ten Commandments that much. He left it to two, when asked by the young man. First, he spoke of “Love the Lord your God with all your heart”, and then he mentioned “Love your neighbor as yourself”.

But today’s lily-livered Xtians are afraid to contemplate God (as were the Jews in Moses’ time….!) So they limit God to the love of neighbor, and think that will take care of their souls for eternity. Then, they take off from that point with a whole lot of new rules that seem to them to say the same thing: Share the wealth… Make a government that shares everybody’s wealth… Tolerate everything…!

There are even Xtian religions that say God will bring everyone into Heaven, despite Jesus’ words about the separation of the good and the evil, or the narrow way into heaven, versus the wide pathway to hell.

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