OWS Updates

Occupy Wall Street is being sold as a protest on behalf of the working class and against the rich and powerful, but a new Quinnipiac poll finds that the movement is least popular among lower income Americans.

Those polled with lower incomes were also the least aware of the movement.

Overall, according to the survey, Americans have an unfavorable view of the movement by a 39 percent to 30 percent margin. But in a result that would seem counterintuitive, the lowest income group polled — those making under $30,000 — had the least favorable view of the movement, at 26 percent, while those making over $100,000 gave the highest favorability rating to the movement, at 36 percent.


And, a new look at the OWS protestors…..

The problem the New Class faces at this point is the psychological and social self-perceptions of a status group that is alienated (as we marxists say) from traditional labor by its semi-privileged upbringing — and by the fact that it is actually, two distinct strands, a privileged one and a semi-privileged one.  It is, for the moment, insistent not just on white-collar work as its birthright and unable to conceive of much else.  It does not celebrate the dignity of labor; it conceived of itself as existing to regulate labor.  So it has purified itself to the point that not just any white-collar work will do.  It has to be, as Michelle Obama instructed people in what now has to be seen as another era, virtuous non-profit or government work.  Those attitudes are changing, but only slowly; the university pipelines are still full of people who cannot imagine themselves in any other kind of work, unless it means working for Apple or Google.

Simply put: rich folks have become so elitist that they need ” not just any white-collar work …  It has to be … virtuous non-profit or government work … unless … working for Apple or Google.”    (lololol!!!)

Having seen these people throughout “the university pipelines”, this makes complete sense to me. And, as said by another blogger, it’s “an expression of resentment by relatively privileged people who thought they were on the fast track to elite status, who accurately sense downward mobility, and who are freaking out because of it.”

Yep, that’s it, in a nutshell. To bolster that point, a newspaper did a search on the reported addresses of those who are arrested at OWS protests. They live in VERY pretty houses….    : )

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