Immigration Solutions…

First, it should go without saying that secure border enforcement is a necessity before any other immigration ideas can be considered. The lawless cartel border war situation is thoroughly detrimental to our national stability – and unless it is gotten under control, it will certainly get worse.

Now, as far as those almost mythical 25-year illegal residents go…. Newt wants a Board, kinda like the Draft Board, that will “examine” each case to see if they are a good case to stay, or get booted out. He wasn’t clear, but perhaps these are the folks he would consider eligible for the proposed Red Card.

If folks apply from their own country to get in to the U.S., they can become eligible for citizenship. But illegals should not have that opportunity!

Here’s a thought – allow illegals Some Credit for their time spent working in the U.S. – extra credit for those who pay taxes, and especially those who’ve served in the Armed Forces – but MAKE THEM GO BACK to their own country to apply for admittance. They can go, knowing the’ll be at the head of the line if they’ve been here 20 years, or 10 years if they’ve paid their taxes, or 5 years if they were in the military…… but they HAVE to go home to apply.

I don’t know if it’s a workable solution, but it’s a place to start from….


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