Iowa Caucus Results

From On High:

The winners?  In this order – Romney (25%), Santorum (25%), Paul (22%), perhaps Gingrich (14%).

The others?  If they couldn’t put a blip on the screen in Iowa, they aren’t going to do it anywhere.

A Commenter:

Actually, if you look at the numbers of REPUBLICANS that voted for them, Santorum won.

According to exit polls, 18% of Romney’s vote was crossover and 48% of Paul’s was crossover.

In Iowa, one can change parties the day of the caucus, and change back the next day.

Of course, Santorum isn’t a great pick either…..

Maybe Perry will bounce back.

Screwed/Again 2012

As I heard someone say the other day: Why do we keep letting Outsiders pick our candidates?

In New York State, a person can vote in a primary only if a major election has passed since they changed their party.

But IOWA gets to winnow the Conservative field…..?!!?!

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