New Hampshire Primary Results

                                 %       actual vote count

Romney           39%            97,5327

Ron Paul             23%            56,8483

Huntsman         17%            41,9452

Gingrich             10%            23,4110

Santorum           10%           23,3620

Perry                      1%              1,7660

Bachmann            0%                 349

In an Exit Poll, also conducted by CBS, it is noticed that registered Republicans made up only about 53% of primary voters. And only 49% of the voters think of themselves as Republicans… and 4% of the voters (the Troll Vote) think of themselves as Democrats!

That being said, we are still better off than in ’08. Back then, it was “hold yer nose & vote” for Anyone But Obama. This time, everybody has Something to recommend them. The big question is, will it be enough? That, we will have to judge when whoever gets into office.

Ann Coulter favors Romney; John Bolton has also endorsed him. He is firmly against illegal immigration; he saved the out-of-control-spending Winter Olympics (in Salt Lake City); he has no problems firing people. This is good when the entire federal government needs downsizing!

Yet…. he has said he stands by Romneycare – the Taxachussets Obamacare. So, there may not be much forward movement in restoring health-care sanity…. We will see.

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