South Carolina Primary Results

This pic (hat tip From On High) has the results, plus the added information of Where. The areas that voted for Romney in majority were the cities of South Carolina (here, urban areas of South Carolina. The orange-y areas are more populated. The orange spot in the center of the state is the Capital; the center of the orange area on the coast is Charleston). The areas going for Gingrich are the rural, ‘country’ areas.

Notice that Romney didn’t even take entire counties – just portions where the cities are most dense.

Gingrich             40%
Romney             27%
Santorum          17%
Ron Paul            13%

Gingrich has had a few wonderfully notable moments in the previous few days – there were two debates, plus a press brouhaha about his ex-wife. At the last debate, the first question  was about his ex’s comments, and Newt offered his pertinent opinion (start at 2:15, and it goes to about 5:30, at which point the moderator pouts, and then goes into asking the opinion of Santorum about the brouhaha….) The audience loved what he was saying – it’s must-see video! Check out the pinched face of the moderator after Newt says he is appalled at the question… priceless!!

I will try to keep up with the newest Newt quips – I may have missed posting one or two so far… sry!

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