Florida Primary Results

[Florida gives all its delegates to the primary winner – that’s 50 delegates.]

Romney       46%

Gingrich       32%

Santorum    13%

Paul                 7%

[But it’s instructive to note that Romney got 46%, while Gingrich got 32%…]

The exit poll indicates that far more women (52%) than men (41%) voted for Romney, in accordance with the views expressed by my female contact in Florida: “Gingrich is a sneaky snake-oil salesman with shifty eyes”.


Older folks are slightly more likely to choose Gingrich (and Romney, but not Paul – who was most chosen by the Youth vote). Not like Latinos, who went for Mitt (54% to 29%)! I think this disproves the efficacy of Newt’s “25-year resident who is a grandmother shouldn’t be deported” approach. Mitt is much stronger on illegal immigration, and this does not bother Latinos – at least, not the ones who vote.

As far as dilution of the vote goes, Democrats comprised only 2% of the voters, and they may have been voting in the Democratic primary (teh Bo Dizz ran unopposed). Independents were 18% of the voters, and while they voted in comparable percentages for Romney & Gingrich, they also were the bulk of votes for Paul (duh!), and a good share of Santorum’s (who woulda thunk it?)

And southern & central Florida voted for Romney, while the northern panhandle area chose Gingrich. That northern section is often described as being more aligned with Georgia and Alabama, than with Miami. Crackas!    : )

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