Another Workplace Accident…!

I nearly forgot to post this, but it’s a necessity, in recognition of this blog’s very name! Posted everywhere, but this one’s from The Blaze:

Iranian Terrorist in Thailand Blows Off His Own Legs in Attack (Graphic Images)

Now, I love the Graphic Images notification – yes, there are….

But oh! it gets better! What, you thought that was plenty good enough? The guy’s day starts off with the aforementioned Workplace Accident:

… a stash of explosives apparently detonated by accident in Moradi’s house, blowing off part of the roof. Police said two foreigners quickly left the residence, followed by a wounded Moradi.

So it’s “OOPS!”, and his two buddies get away (though they get arrested later in the day), and he’s wounded from the blast himself, so he needs some help in making his getaway:

“He tried to wave down a taxi, but he was covered in blood, and the driver refused to take him,” Pansiri said.

Okay, right there…. picture the scene… “Yeah, sure – get in my cab”…..!

He then threw an explosive at the taxi and began running.

So he may have gone ‘splodie, but he had the forethought to grab a few supplies before leaving work that day, and found this such a good way to scare up a ride, he uses the same strategy in his next encounter, except….

Police who had been called to the area then tried to apprehend Moradi, who hurled a grenade to defend himself. “But somehow it bounced back” and blew off his legs, Pansiri said.

Now, elsewhere I have seen even more detailed pictures in an article that indicates the last bomb bounced off a tree – and you can see the palm-type tree about six feet away from the body. (He’s that bad a shot?!? Why, oh why, would he ever throw anything?!?) A flood of leaves litters the ground in a characteristic directional pattern.

So, yeah – he blew his legs off, but really, this individual clearly has major ‘splodie skilz. Yes – has. He survived, and was taken to a hospital……!

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