The Latest Media Outrage….

Hmm… I don’t suppose you heard the story told by Romney’s son a while back about the family dog on vacation? He’s a large dog, and they have a large family, so they would put the dog in a big carrier, and attach it to the roof of the car, and then drive hundreds of miles to their destination.

Once, a son in the backseat noticed a brown stripe working its way down the window from the roof…. the dog had… well, made a mess. Son hollers, as kids do… Dad stops at a gas station, borrows a hose, washes down the car, and they head on their merry way. No fuss, no (more!) muss.

Liberals and the media (is there a difference?!) love to  quote this story to imply that Romney is cruel. Recently, a White House dude, David Axelrod, tweeted a pic of teh Bo D. in a limousine with Bo-dog, and a caption, “[This is] how loving owners transport their dogs”…. And the floodgates opened!

Y’see… back when Bo was a kid in Indonesia – his mom’s new husband (who may or may not have adopted li’l Bo – they apparently played both sides of that coin) took him out to enjoy some of the local cuisine, including….. dog.

So, it turns out Barack Obama ate a dog.

What follows is a small selection of some of my favorite comments…..

“Romney put his dog on top of a car. Obama put his dog on rice.”

“This shows how out-of-touch Mitt Romney is with ordinary Americans…. he never ate dog.”


“Chihuahua Chimichanga.”

“Ramen Poodles”

“Chicken Poodle Soup”

Will update as I find more….

UPDATE: Found a video…. it’s uneven, but it has a good ending…. Enjoy!  : )

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