Burlington High School Protest…

You’re gonna wanna watch THIS.

So, what I’ve got to say is this: GET OVER IT. You ARE different. This will NEVER be Africa.

Take your phony self-righteous indignation back home – and leave it there.

If the test scores of the immigrant group are lower than those of the rest of the school, then you ARE bringing test scores down. Just a fact – no need to get emotional about it.

And QUIT trying to MAKE everybody act in a certain way towards you. This is America, and we don’t do that here, despite what your nanny-state teachers have led you to believe.

If people are unkind towards us, we get over it, grow a thicker skin, focus our attention elsewhere, and remember that we are still worthwhile human beings despite what some people may say.

Oh – but that attitude comes from our Christian faith traditions, and perhaps you do not have that kind of resilience….?!

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