Little Andrew Pitkin’s Murderer To Go Free in June

Michael Murphy will be paroled in June, after 27 years in NYS prisons. The little sociopath carved up lots of small animals before he did in his young neighbor, so telling the 2010 Parole Board that he acted in a moment of rage is just telling them what he knew they wanted to hear – precisely as a sociopath will do.

He’s currently being held in Fishkill, near Poughkeepsie, so when they let him out, it will be through that door, into that community; but a commenter at the Press-Repub. says his stepmom still lives here (in Valcour) in the house Michael grew up in, so he may easily have a reason to travel northward..!

Michael’s dad, Dr. Murphy, died a few years after Michael went to prison. The stories are saying that Michael’s mom died a while before he committed Andrew’s murder – he uses that as justification for his actions, blaming the “changes in the household” and saying he “just snapped” that day.

One commenter mentioned that Dr. Murphy had said, before he died, that Michael should remain locked up for the rest of his life. I do remember that, too.

A Commenter:

Nothing any of us writes here can change the situation, nor can I find any archived articles about the investigation/trial for verification, but I “remember” 1) the knife used had a 10″ blade and was NOT a kitchen knife; he lured Andrew to the site of the killing by saying that he found Andrew’s missing dog;

[mod: the remains of multiple slaughtered animals were later found in those same woods, all slaughtered like Andrew – I do believe that the missing dog was one of those animals]

… the clothes Michael wore were burned in the family’s fireplace immediately afterward; he lied to the police about his actions after the killing. I can’t definitely remember whether the dog’s body was later found also  killed with a knife.

One doesn’t just “snap” and kill a child on the spur of the moment. Michael prepared for it and was aware of his deed to destroy evidence. His statement to the parole panel that he has not injured anyone since 1984 – when he was arrested, convicted, then imprisoned – is chutzpah!

But hey! Let’s just go ahead and release the sociopath – he’s only 41 and has a lot more years of murderin’ to do!

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2 Responses to Little Andrew Pitkin’s Murderer To Go Free in June

  1. Roady says:

    Your article is concise, and that information is hard to come by. The local community, police, really seemed to lock it down.
    You wonder if ‘the freedom of information’ act could be used to learn more.
    I lived a few miles from there, and had occasion to go on a double date, the other guy was Michael Murphy’s older brother. This was before the murder. I met the whole family including Michael as a little kid
    I ended up having information that would be pertinent to understanding the kid.
    I never had occasion to report it, they pled him into jail so quickly.
    I have often searched for info, like tonite when I found your article.

  2. I remember this. Dr Murphy was my doctor, he delivered my Son. He told me one time, that the Michael in the mental Hosp. Was not the son he knew. He was a monster. Yes later he said he should never ever be allowed out of prison. He also said he suffered from fetal alchahol syndrome.

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