After AGW…

Time magazine says there is a bigger environmental disaster than fictitious “global warming”….. a Global Food Crisis!

… with both population and global wealth continuing to grow, we’re going to need to figure out a way to produce more food without further damaging the environment. Otherwise we may end up running out of both food and the planet.

Now, we will be hearing about this for the next thousand years or so, and in all that time, no one will ever bring up the source of this problem…… the do-gooder imperative to keep everyone from dying.

Higher Population? More Food!

Seriously, if we look at the places Time talks about which have increasing population and insufficient food resources, it’s in the Third World countries, with the additions of China and India (both Second-World, at best.) These are the stars of Live Aid and hundreds of other charities which are designed to feed the bellies of people who have no chance of supporting themselves, while earnestly wringing our hands over the zombification of their minds.

The justification of food-only charities is that people’s minds work better when they are fed, and while that generally works well in civilized countries, experience tells us that it doesn’t play out the same way in Third World countries.

These people would otherwise die of starvation, so we send food for free…. which is stolen by warlords and other political parties [perhaps the first ones to eat? they then realize what a gold mine they have in front of them and take action they feel is appropriate], who mete it  out or sell it to enrich the political few (over whom we wring our hands.) Enough people get fed that the do-gooders feel successful, while blatantly ignoring the breakdown of social order and the increase of tyranny in those countries, due to the enriched warlords.

Lastly, more people survive in countries that are even less capable of feeding them, given the political situations they have created, so in future years, food aid is even more necessary. I know that self-fulfilling prophecies are the domain of do-gooders, but even this level of cognitive dissonance is astounding. Talk about clapping one’s hands over one’s ears and yelling, “Neener, neener, neener – I can’t HEAR you!!! We’re feeding people, and that’s a good thing!”

(How many people will read that last sentence, and simply return their minds to that conclusion: it’s a good thing we’re doing…! lol…!)

Wealth is THE Problem!

Note the insertion of the phrase, “… with both population and global wealth continuing to grow“. This indicates the direction the arguments will head: since nothing can be done about population, because of the do-gooder imperative, the global food crisis will be blamed on increasing wealth.

Because do-gooders are milk-fed Christians, who reduce everything into sound-bite size under the belief that Truth (if it even exists to them!) is succinct. Brief. Pithy. They get this thought from the prevalence of sound-bites in our modern culture – they so often hear Truth expressed pithily, they think that Truth is some sort of verbal fraction reduction. Like ‘twenty one-hundredth’s is really ‘one-fifth’, so also all true things can be – must be – similarly reducible.

Remember, these are the people who have become convinces that conflation – put two things next to each other, and they must have similarities, since they are both next to each other! – is an accurate logical tool.

So, moral superiority becomes a series of sound-bites: Life is precious! (Don’t let anyone, anywhere, die  – never mind what will happen next – that won’t fit into our sound-bite.) Feed the Hungry! (ignore that the Bible means that in a spiritual way – ‘feed their souls’ is the actual Christian imperative. These do-gooder quasi-Christians have sworn off most Christian ideas as too dogmatic and divisive, while using the Christian outline to create a veneer of morality.) Wealth is bad! (Yeah, they purposely misread and conflate what the Bible does say about wealth, because they really believe that Marx understood the Bible better than any Christians do.)

So, as they simply let AGW fade out into the sunset (yes, mixed metaphors – get over it!), they will bring to the forefront the Global Food Crisis – Starving People Must Be Fed! (nice sound bite, by the way, so it Must Be True!)

Time does take this starving-world observation to the next step:

Of course, exactly how we should address these problems is the subject of fierce debate in the U.S. and beyond.

And of course, their moral imperative causes them to ignore the elephant in the room:

Is the solution to go organic as much as possible, or should we focus on trying to extend the fertilizer and irrigation of the Green Revolution to underperforming agricultural areas in Africa and Asia? Do we need to change our diet and reduce meat consumption, or is it simply unrealistic to expect more of us to become semi-vegetarians — especially among the rising global middle class just getting a chance to eat like Americans? How much value do intact forests and wildlife habitat have as we struggle to feed the 1 billion people who go to bed hungry each night? And is it really food production we need to improve, or distribution?

Wow: so much idiocy in so little space.

And so, I humbly offer my suggestion:

Stop it. Stop all the salvaging of bodies of “neighbors” whom you cannot see, feel or touch. The mission to end malaria in Africa – what will happen to all those people who increase the population by not dying? (Oh, we don’t think about that. We just need to Save Lives!!!)

Actions Have Consequences

When I was younger, I would hear about a number of natural limiters to population: disease, famine, drought, war. Mentioning these has become completely politically incorrect, yet no one has considered what happens when these natural limiters are rendered ineffective.

More food will mean more people, who will require more food, which will create more people, who will require…

Less malaria will mean more people, who will require more food, which will create more people, who will require…

Rats, when overpopulated, will turn on each other with horrifying ferocity. Human populations are also subject to population pressures. What will happen?

It has been noted that civilized, wealthy countries have slower population growth, and this is the hope held by do-gooders for the rest of the world. But this change in growth does not happen in a couple of years – it have been decades, even centuries, in the making. It relies on people being responsible for making their own wealth, because the primary reason for the slower population growth is:  children no longer make one wealthy; instead, they have a huge cost associated with them. This social and economic change takes many years to occur, and is linked with appropriate changes in culture, which is the slowest-changing facet of all.

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