An Olympic First!

Okay – here’s my Rant Of The Day.

Saudi Arabia first participated in the Olympics in 1972. They were warned that they would eventually HAVE TO include female athletes on their team, but the IOC gave them a break at first, in recognition of their obvious, overwhelming cultural backwardness.

In 2012, the IOC put their foot down. Trouble was, Saudi Arabia is the same culturally backward country it has always been, so no female athletes were to be found. They finally found an AMERICAN girl from California who  runs track … whose FATHER is from – you got it – Saudi Arabia, giving her dual identities. So, she counts.

But the IOC decided to go one better. They found a 16 (17/18 – 19, according to who you ask – IOC, dad or the SA Olympic Committee) -year-old from Mecca – home of The Rock – whose dad (again with the dads!  : )  – is an international judo referee, and taught his kid a thing or two. This girl currently has a blue belt. The IOC invited her personally, despite her utter lack of any qualification (and despite opposition from the Saudis!), to participate in the Olympics for Saudi Arabia.

Well, she went. And got them to let her wear a tight “scarf”. And got them to let her wear a black belt – why? Because everyone else was wearing one! (Seriously.) And then she entered her first match…. heh. You watch it for yourself.

Okay – Back so soon? lol. Yep, it didn’t take long for the Puerto Rican entrant to wipe the floor with her – literally. But now I have a Question for you.

They were entered in the 78+ kilogram weight class (171+ pounds). I would like you to estimate their approximate heights (which one is taller?) and weights (which one is heavier?).

… Done? All right. The official Olympic pages say the Puerto Rican, Melissa Mojica, is 187 lbs. (height not given). The official cached Olympic page (when you do a Search on the Olympic site for Wojdan Shaherkani you come up with a page that contains only her name – no other information at all) says that Wojdan Shaherkani weighs…. wait for it… 176 lbs. (height also not given).

Really?!? (Picture high, squeaky, imperative voice on that one….) Seriously? Exactly how dumb do these folks think we are?!? Or is the IOC that dumb? (It would explain how and why they had this girl competing in the Olympics in the first place….!)

So, for the Final Question Of The Day: give a personal estimate of how much (and/or how tall) you think the blue belt girl really weighs…. I admit the numbers popping into my head are floating around the 200 range…. and close to 6′ tall… but, of course, the Puerto Rican could be rather short… and we do hafta account for the pudge visible on the Saudi girl…Leave your estimates in the Comments – thnx!


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