Mr. Memorable

Wow – the Bo D. does it again! Not since “you didn’t build that” has he stepped so deeply into the flying manure… I predict these words will hound this dude through the election, through the decade, throughout his lifetime….. and beyond, into the recesses of future history.

Having given up on all real news outlets (’cause they are no longer his fanboys, and occasionally ask him an irritatingly insightful question, like, “Did you really not know about Fast and Furious?”), the Dizz has chosen Time ‘magazine’ to pontificate about the crazies that live in his head….

So even in a pretty sour political circumstance, we’ve been able to get some things accomplished. And I believe that in a second term, where Mitch McConnell’s imperative of making me a one-term President is no longer relevant, they recognize that what the American people are looking for is for us to get things done. …

So my expectation is that there will be some popping of the blister [ed.: ick.] after this election, because it will have been such a stark choice. Where Republicans refuse to cooperate on things that I know are good for the American people, I WILL CONTINUE TO LOOK FOR WAYS TO DO IT ADMINISTRATIVELY AND WORK AROUND CONGRESS.

And a good example of that is, for example, making sure that homeowners around the country can take advantage of these historically low rates and refinance.

There’s no reason Congress can’t move forward and at almost no cost to the federal government really boost the housing market and our economy. But if Congress won’t do it, we’ll keep on looking for ways to get that done without legislation.

He sure has a knack for saying the – beyond! – stupidest things…. Where to start? His paranoid and delusional beliefs about the fantastic and legendary superpowers of the Senate MINORITY Leader?

His equally delusional fantasy about government being able to magically repair the housing market by bureaucratically providing access for homeowners to refinance their mortgages?

Or how about his open admission that, since he, like Father, “Knows Best” what Americans need (not Americans themselves, who have elected their Congressional members to bring their own choices into law), he will then do whatever it takes to bring about the actions he chooses, even if it means defying every elected representative Americans chose for themselves?!?!!?

Nah – let’s start with his permanent state of unreality, illustrated by his pipe dream that he will be re-elected for a second term! Interestingly, “pipe dream” is derived from the dreams invoked by smoking an opium pipe (TheFreeOnlineDictionary)!

*I have discovered a need for new and increased visual forms of agitated font faces…. so I have adapted by using ALL CAPS, and applying the bold and italic typefaces to that. Hope it’s legible and comprehensible….! Seriously – the Bo Dizzle is already that outrageous. What will I do when he commits his next stunt…?

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