Election Humor For You…!

Here is a link to a video from the Annual Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation Dinner. This is an annual white tie charity fundraiser for Catholic Charities USA. When it is held in a Presidential election year, the tradition is for both candidates to speak.

I wasn’t going to bother hunting down the Bo D.’s speech (as could be expected, it’s a bit lame), but I found it while looking for info. on the Dinner event. So, here it is…. he’s best when poking fun at himself… especially his own debate performances! Although, everyone’s favorite clown, Joe B., does provide material for at least one joke.

However, in the second clip, Mitt Romney rocks! I will let you enjoy that on your own, but here are a few notes:

As a Mormon, Mitt doesn’t drink – several jokes make reference to this…

The advertized “lowest unemployment numbers in four years”, is only so low because one state was left out of the mix: California, the biggest population state in the Union. Hmmm….!

And Romney’s dad was Governor of Michigan… and Romney, himself, was governor of Massachusetts for one term – then he went on the fix the Utah Olympics.

That is Katie Couric (formerly NBC, now ABC) sitting right behind to the left of the podium. As Mitt’s video begins, it appears that Obama has just finished speaking, and each candidate ended his speech with a minute or so in praise of the Dinner itself, so the applause is particularly strong at that moment.

My personal favorites might be the Sesame St. references….!    : )      But his comments about the Press are a close runner-up…!

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