ACLU Heads In A New Direction

Edited with extreme prejudice for today’s short attention spans (you’re welcome!):

… the ACLU is now largely run by Muslims.

“The ACLU was founded on the basis that there shouldn’t be any blasphemy laws,” said Steve Emerson, director of the Investigative Project on Terrorism.  “Yet in the last 10 years, they’ve appointed (to their boards) members of the Muslim Brotherhood who believe in blasphemy laws.”

The top Muslim lawyer in ACLU’s stable is Jameel Jaffer, who now heads the ACLU’s Center for Democracy after heading its National Security Project. He happens to be pals with Tariq Ramadan, the grandson of the Egyptian founder of the radical Muslim Brotherhood (who was denied a visa in 2004 after “allegedly” raising funds for Hamas terrorists.)

Among his “accomplishments”:

Jaffer successfully sued the U.S. to get Ramadan’s visa restored.

And then picked him up at the airport and carted him all around NYC. Pals. Best buds.

He  successfully sued the U.S. to reveal CIA secrets for interrogating terror suspects.

In 2010, Jaffer personally helped CAIR raise $130,000 at a Dearborn, Mich., fundraiser…

Jaffer has lobbied the Justice Department to remove CAIR and other Brotherhood and Hamas front groups from its blacklist of groups complicit in a criminal conspiracy to raise money for terrorists.

That would be the List Of Un-Indicted Co-Conspirators from the Holy Land Trial. (In response, the judge entered the entire list into the record so it would be able to be publicly released – not just the top three or four names.)

He’s also pressured the FBI to purge names of Muslim terrorist suspects from the no-fly list.

What’s more, Jaffer wants to deny the feds one of its most effective weapons in the war on terror — freezing the assets of terrorist front groups.

He’s also sued to kill the government’s drone program, perhaps its most effective weapon of all.

~ From Investor’s Business Daily, hat tip: Creeping

In the case of the low-budget Muhammed film (the 14-minute “trailer” released last summer), the ACLU released no comment about the railroading of the American filmmaker’s  rights….. and when called for a comment by The Daily Caller,

It said it was “concerned” about the White House request to censor the “repellant film.”

Which clearly shows which side they were standing on….!

Is Jaffer the only one?

The ACLU now counts at least eight on its national executive staff alone. In fact, a Muslim runs the ACLU’s Center for Democracy, while another heads its National Security Project.

So, really, there’s no need to wonder why the ACLU no longer seems to defend American rights – it’s moved on to defending muslim entitlements.

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