Gun Control Answers, with Updates

Well, Piers Morgan is a Brit who messed up in his own profession, in his own country, and came to the U.S. in order to begin again in his profession. So it is really no surprise that he’s messing up here, too…!

Having scored his own show, on CNN, Piers has taken a high-profile stance advocating lots of gun control in the aftermath of the Sandy Hook elementary school shooting. In this video (plays automatically; scroll down a bit to watch) Ben Shapiro (of Breitbart) pwns him repeatedly. Enjoy!

Then read Jim Treacher’s view of the epic battle. Lol!!

… Will update as I collect the other Answers to Gun Control…


In response to Piers Morgan’s assertion that British gun laws are superior to America’s, here is a nine-minute video describing the effects of the British laws.

I love this quote from their Member of Parliament, talking about the case of a man defending his rural home from burglars, inside his home, who went to prison because he was a good shot:

“I have every sympathy. I genuinely do. But I can’t say that the law shouldn’t be what the law was. What I can say now, is, because of that, we ought to review that particular law.”

WTF?!? “It was a good and necessary law. Yesterday. But Today we need to try to change it. And I stand by my multiple positions, refusing to acknowledge my overweening hypocrisy.”


A firearms instructor points out (in a great video…. For The Record!) that the Sandy Hook shooting was not done by any rifle, let alone a Bushmaster AR-15. Final reports say it was done with four pistols, and the long weapon (he explains why it was a shotgun) was left in the trunk.

This brings us back to the persistent media-pulling-the-wool-over-our-eyes, that I first became aware of in the ’90’s. Early Sandy Hook media reports mentioned the long gun found in the trunk of the car, but subsequent reports kept saying how an AR-15 was used in the attack. How, when, why did the truth get buried, instead of brought to light?

The only answer is the willful misdirection by reporters who had an agenda they wished to emphasize.

Okay – gotta go – will update more as time goes on…..


Stephen Colbert had Piers Morgan on his show (scroll down to watch the vid), and Piers uttered a fascinating statistic. I will paraphrase, because I just don’t feel like transcribing the segment:

England, which has “zero” guns, has 35 – 40 gun murders each year. The U.S. has about 300,000,000 guns, and has about 11,000 – 12,000 gun murders each year.

Piers and Stephen went on to suggest that there was no need to wait for emotional reactions to Newtown to subside, or for cooler heads to prevail. But….

Taking a calm moment to LOOK at those statistics Piers bandied about, we can see that England has no guns, but somehow 35-40 people are killed by them each year. On the other hand, for each person murdered by a gun in the U.S., there are 249,999 guns that hurt nobody.


A NY senator (who voted against the gun control law),  speaking to the NYS Senate (2:57) [someday I will learn to embed….. but not today!]

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4 Responses to Gun Control Answers, with Updates

  1. Monique Routhier says:

    Arms any arms are made to attack not to defend. Beleiving that “you have yours I have mine” is the answer you’re doom to die young…

  2. Fragmeister says:

    Actually, the first Firearms (cannon), were made in China snd shortly after in Europe, to DEFEND against invading Muslims. They were originally thought to be too cumbersome to be used on a battlefield, and were relagated to fortresses, you know, Defensive Fortifications.

  3. motherofdoom says:

    Thank you, Fragmeister, for addressing the first part of “Monique’s” comment. Now, it’s time to decipher the second “sentence”….
    “Beleiving that “you have yours I have mine” is the answer you’re doom to die young…”

    .. that “you have yours; I have mine” [what do we all have? Guns? Friends? Hot Pockets?]
    … is the answer… to what?
    Gun control?
    Crazy – yes, CRAAAAAZY – people who decide to kill lots of people?
    The Mystery Of Life? [sorry – THAT answer is 42… : ) ]

    …you’re doom to die young…
    Where does this come from? The dank reaches of your septic brain? The latest novel you read? Some pop song you can’t get out of your head?
    To recap:
    “You have yours; I have mine” – if you believe that, you are doomed to die young.

    SRSLY?!?!? THAT is what masquerades as high philosophy to your emo heart? Not to mention that such a limp philosophical statement does NOTHING to address either the cause of the recent gun violence, or the American Bill Of Rights (which is the source of “the right to bear arms” to which you seem to be trying to refer.)

    Besides…. only the Good die young… (thnx, Billy Joel….!)

  4. momodoom says:

    All right: it occurs to me that I may have been a tad too harsh in my previous comment. So, here goes……
    Monique, your comment is a weak mash-up of soundbites. Sound bites are not compelling arguments – they are bits of words, conveying a meaning only in their original form, and are a substitute for thinking.
    Should you experience an epiphany and wish to reconfigure your comment with a thoughtful argument, I will be glad to read it, post it, and respond with a courteous reply.

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