Fourth of July: muslim-free!

Ah, those humble muslims….!

* cough * !!

Yeah, “humble” is not the word most frequently used in connection with muslims…. “Proud” is often seen, as in “a proud muslim”…! Or, “proud to be muslim”…!!

Round Rock, Texas, is a community about 15 miles north of Austin (the well-known progressive-enclave city). A civic organization organizes an annual Independence Day parade. This year they had about 110 entrants, so it’s a pretty big event.

Enter the self-promoting muslims. After apparently buying a defunct church located in the center of three schools, they applied to be an entry in the Fourth of July parade. They didn’t have any pics or other example of the banners they would be carrying in the parade, but they described their intentions to the parade organizer…

“They said it would say [something like] ‘Muslims are peaceful and you should honor Muslims,’ [Will] Williams said in a July 3 interview. “It was all about Muslims. It isn’t what the July 4 parade is all about.

“I don’t want a controversy to ruin what we have worked so hard for.”

Well, the muslims are whining (I will spare you their whiny-ass words…)

“They had questions about why they were disapproved. They thought it was because they were Muslims. They were denied for safety reasons.”

But wait! What were the banners they intended to display?

One banner, decorated with a picture of an American flag, reads: “Muslims for Loyalty. Love for all – Hatred for none.”

The other banner attributes a quote to the prophet Muhammad: “Love of one’s country of residence is part of faith.”

Well, that certainly seems to be ALL ABOUT MUSLIMS.

WE MUSLIMS are Loyal.

.                          … So [you have to] trust us!

WE MUSLIMS love everybody! And Hate Nobody!

.                         … (So, you should Love us, instead of Hating us – like you do…!)

WE MUSLIMS wanna tell you about Our religion. Mohammed told us this (rather awkward) phrase: “Love of one’s country of residence is part of faith.”

  … WE MUSLIMS want you (unbelievers) to think that we love America as part of islam (despite the frequent posters and placards and statements denouncing America from muslims the world over.)

It’s astounding, how astonishingly blind these muslims are about What The Fourth Of July Is All About. It’s not about self-promotion… it’s about Sacrifice.

They want to use the parade to get noticed in the community, because that’s all they see when they look at the Independence Day Parade. It’s a sad, shallow culture they have….

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