How Did THIS Happen…?

Here’s an interesting concatenation (n. 1. a series of interconnected events, concepts, etc.) of WTF!-issues…:

#1 ) Disgraced former Rep (D, NY) Anthony Weiner has decided to run for NYC Mayor! Apparently, wiener-pic-tweets are not sufficiently gross to stop a potential majority of NYC voters from electing him Mayor…..!

#2 ) He’s Jewish, married to Huma Abedin, close aide to Hillary Clinton. Huma’s mom is a leader in the Muslim Brotherhood’s “Ladies Auxiliary”, the Muslim Sisterhood. Other family members also have close Saudi/Brotherhood ties, including running a muslim organization in the U.S. ( where Huma herself worked for a while before moving up to Hillary’s employ…)

#3 ) And now (back to the election campaign)… Weiner’s taken a donation to his election campaign from…. Al Gore’s best friends, Al Jazeera!

Al-Jazeera is contributing money to the only Jewish candidate for Mayor in New York City and who married a devout Muslim woman whose mother is a leader in the Muslim Sisterhood??!?!

And it seems reformed Palestinian terrorist Walid Shoebat may have the answer to this conundrum:

Apparently, they’d rather see the daughter of a Muslim Sisterhood leader become the first lady of the city that was hit on 9/11.

Weenie-pics, Muslim Brotherhood, and NYC 9-11….. politics sure makes some strange bedfellows….!

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