Who SAID it couldn’t get any worse…?!?!

Ah, yes… the Weiner that never stops giving…. Even with the NY Times practically begging him to drop out of the race, Weiner pushes on…..

Yep, I’m going there. C’mon! The Dude is like the Energizer Bunny….. ew. I meant his political crash ‘n’ burn antics are unending; but this is…! Ick. I’m gonna stop now.

Anyway, the WaPo says:

News quickly spread Tuesday that Anthony Weiner had allegedly used the pseudonym “Carlos Danger” while conducting an online relationship with a woman.

The included article link leads to a rather amusing observation, including this gem:

Weiner’s pseudonym will follow him around wherever he goes as he campaigns for mayor and will be on the tip of peoples’ tongues…

Ew AND ick. But, of course, we’re Not. Done. Yet.

Atlas received an e-mail promotion for a company that realizes we want to forget Weiner, and yet, we never will be able to. You MUST go, and see….. (caution – drinking near your computer is not advisable at this time…)

You’re Welcome.

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