The Carter Recession, redux

I was reading along a story about Boehner and imminent Amnesty legislation, when three words leapt out at me….:

“… shoving through a mass amnesty to legalize foreigners when millions of American citizens still suffer unemployment from the lingering recession.”

A chill ran through me… a phrase from my childhood… it meant no jobs, for just about anyone, with more bad news every week, every month, and the torture of waiting, waiting, waiting… for SOMETHING to change. What changed was the surprise election of Reagan, and another four years to see results of his new approach to economics.

And it occurred to me… that’s what we are in right now! After all the talk, and all the predictions, Carter’s “malaise” has been re-created! After the Reagan turn-around, many of us felt that the Carter misery would never reappear – we had learned how to make a thriving economy, and no one would be so stupid as to mess with that… Or so we thought.

Apparently, there is a wide swath of Americans for whom the word, “stupid,” is no deterrent. Making up excuses and using outright lies to sell their ideas to Low Info Voters, their incessant propaganda drumbeat (“millions without health care [insurance!]”, “Income Inequality!!”, and my favorite, “The ‘fill-in-the-blank’ SYSTEM IS BROKEN!!!”), they have conned America into re-establishing the sucky Carter Years.

For those of you who have watched the Seventies Show – yeah, it’s like that. We don’t have Stagflation (a stagnant economy WITH increasing Inflation), but there’s apparently NO CURE.

Welcome to the Obama Malaise!

Many theorize about the inner motivations of those who promote these economy-killing ideas. Are they evil (here’s lookin’ at you, George Soros)? Are they just losers (well, yeah, but that’s a whole ‘nother topic…) The sad specter of Do-Gooders desperately trying to convince themselves that they deserve to get into Heaven? (Lots o’ Catholics in that group!… Aw, that’s unfair – there are a LOT of all sorts of “Christians” in that group – people who earnestly ignore much of what Jesus said. Again…. another post.)

It seems that the first four years of waiting have turned into eight years of waiting… for the change that will “heal” America, and solve the problems created by “do-gooder-itis”. I am one of those who refuse to let others dictate the meaning of “hope” (& Change!) to me. I will continue to hope for a way out of this malaise, and I am hoping it will be sooner, rather than later. No Hillary For Me!


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